Welcome To My Great 28

For you to even be at this place in cyberspace helps us know you are interested in improving your health and perhaps, the health of your entire family. From a first glance at our website, you might feel that we are only focused on weight loss. We are not, however, only about getting skinny – this company is about getting healthy! Skinny people drop dead every day. Our focus is on getting you in the best shape of your life

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Live Healthier

Live a healthier life, and set your body free. My Great 28 embodies the philosophy of long-term health through homeopathy



Our expert panel of doctors, and members are here to assist you to help you better utilize our products for phenomenal results


The System

Our revolutionary weight loss system leaves no rock uncovered and holds your hand through your transformation



Expect it to happen, because it will. Follow our system and we guarantee you will reach your weight loss goals. NO EXCEPTIONS!

My Great 28 Features

Clinically Proven

Our products are clinically proven to safely help you lose
10, 15 - even 20+ pounds in 4 weeks without rebound weight gain! This system helps to curb appetite, flush fat and minimize cravings, supports brain health and aids in digestion, and gives a natural metabolism boost while lowering stress levels.

The Community

With a wide range of support from our staff and community the next 28 days will be the most amazing 28 days of your life, as you watch your body transform into what you've always dreamed of. Yes you heard it before, but our community holds you and ourselves accountable for your success. No matter if you are a dieter or serious about fitness, My Great 28 has a plan for you!

My Great 28 Weight Loss Facts

Percentage Of Successful Weight Loss Users 67%
Overwieght: Over 20 In Us 69%
United States Obese % 35%
Daily Value Of Fat In A Big Mac 51%
Percent of American adults who don't get recommended exercise 80%